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A day at the beach in Rimini … it’s the cheesy tourist thing to do

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

This blog will probably be a little shorter than its predecessors because, frankly, we spent the better part of the afternoon just lying around.

We started in Bologna where we drove to the top of the nearby hill to see the 1000-year-old Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca. The traditional way to get there is to climb the stairs from the city, which are under a roof with 666 arches - an intentional number because the Madonna is ’slaying the beast.‘ Cyn and I climbed the steps under last 11 arches - I think that is fine.

The view of the city from up there is pretty awesome.

And the inside is beautiful.

We then left for a Rimini and Cyn decided to take an unusual route over what I am sure was just a walking trail.

We got back on track, and we were in Rimini by early afternoon. Our hotel is right on the beach … and although the sea view from our room is beautiful, you have to look past rows and rows of beach chairs. The Italians in this country who heard of our plans to come here warned us against it. But hey - schmaltz can be fun. This is from our balcony.

We had lunch at a restaurant across from the hotel - Cyn had fritto mista again and I had tortellini which was delicious.

Then we headed for the beach where $25 Euros bought us two beach chairs and an umbrella next to the Adriatic Sea. We read, we walked into the sea, we walked the beach. We did the tourist thing. And we watched two guys paragliding which was pretty cool.

I have not mentioned that italy has been under a huge hot spell since we got here - and it has not rained even once. So a day near water is a lovely thing.

At about five, we went back to the hotel and cleaned up. Then we walked for about half an hour into the old section.

Rimini is an old town, founded by the Romans in 268 BC. There is a Roman amphitheater here, and Roman arches and bridges. I couldn’t help taking my picture under a memorial to the resistance fighter of the Second Works War.

We had aperitifs on a main square and the stopped at a highly recommended restaurant where I proved you can eat pasta twice a day. Cyn had seafood noodles and I had pasta stuffed with cheese in a tomato sauce. Yummy.

We walked back to our hotel and both of us passed out. The sun had got to us. Tomorrow we are of to San Marina and then Tuscany as our excellent Italian adventure nears its end..

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