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Barcelona is magical … and first day on the floating (upscale) retirement home is pretty good!

I had planned to spend a full day strolling around Las Ramblas, the old city of Barcelona that I love so much. I had planned to walk there from the ship, and then walk back again. But - and this has never happened in my adult life - I slept until 11 am. My cabin is pitch black and dead silent. And there is nothing to say what time it is. So my body just let go.

I scrambled out of bed to find bright sunlight and lovely temperatures outside. I caught a cab to the old city. And it was magical. There was a festival atmosphere. These folks were doing yoga in a square.

The streets were crowded but it seemed like a very happy time.

I stopped at an outdoor cafe and had pita and hummus and a glass of wine. Yes, there is such a thing as breakfast wine.

This guy was juggling nearby.

Then I walked to the cathedral.

And strolled some more of the narrow, cobbled and crowded streets of shops and tapas places before walking back to the ship. The 'all aboard' time was 5 pm and I had a mandatory safety demonstration to attend - which was pretty lame.

I explored the ship a bit.

There were quite a few people at the pool deck playing some game cooked up by the social crew. Let me stress, when I say people, I mean old people. This is very much like being at a super exclusive retirement home.

But that's ok. With my white hair, I think I fit in ok.

I dressed for dinner and had a glass of wine in a bar where I could watch Barcelona disappear out the window and the ship headed out of the port. A woman with a lovely voice entertaining us. I have to say, this is kind of a great place for someone like me who loves live music because there is live music being played everywhere.

My wine came with a nice little cheese tray.

Then it was off to dinner with my French teachers Pierre and Martine. The restaurant had a special 'Catalan' meal of seafood salad, some kind of peppery sauce chicken, and a pudding which was lovely.

I decided to attend the musical event of the evening which was opera with music based in Naples . And I ran into the Windsor sisters of the day before who had gathered a small group of English speakers ... there are not many of us on this ship. We gabbed and then we watched the show - which was fabulous, the singers were really good .

Then the sisters and I sat and talked some more. They want to sit with me at dinner.

We will figure that out - I would lose my French lessons with Pierre and Martine - but maybe they would be happier not having to listen to me brutalizing their language.

Anyway ... tomorrow is our first full day at sea. I am hoping we sail through the Straits of Gibraltar when it is still daylight.

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Lynne Yelich
Lynne Yelich
09 janv. 2023

Love this ! I have often wondered about Barcelona, I was invited once by a wife of one of the guru's in World Hockey, we bonded in Saskatoon - she could not speak a word of English but told me to come visit and she would teach me, Not sure how she communicated that to was a long time ago. However, after that I truly wanted to visit and now I feel I am! Thank you!

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