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Florence Day 3 - Food (of course) and flowers

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

We started day three in Florence with a walking tour of local markets. We are doing a fair number of food tours on this trip - which those of you who know Cyn and me will not find surprising.

This one was led by the lovely Luca and Maxim, who are private chefs. They strolled us around a market that is visited mostly by locals, taking us to one stand after another of glorious Italian food

Although we started with fruit ( after coffee and Negronis - which are apparently something Florentines drink very early in the day), you would not get much out of this tour if you are vegetarian, and the organizers basically turn vegans away. Luca and Maxim are very much carnivores.

We were treated to pork in all its varieties, as well as ripe parmesan and pecorino and buffalo mozzarella. There was ragu of different species (beef and chicken), and mortadella. And breads.

And wine, we had wine. And then we ended with gelato. All quite yummy.

Except the tripe. Florentines just love their Tripe. Maxim recommended that we visit his favorite restaurant - a triperia - for our dinner that evening. Um, no. This is Cyn tasting the tripe on our food tour.

The tour lasted about three hours and finished near the Basilica of Santa Croce, which is where folks like Michelangelo and Galileo and Machiavelli are laid to rest. So we took a tour.

The Basilica was built in the 1200s by Francisan monks and is astounding beautiful on the inside with its stained glass.

Then we took the hop-on bus up the hill to the Michelangelo Square where we caught the fabulous view of the city.

We also caught the last remnants of an Iris garden which is open one month a year.

There were some moments when we contemplated walking down the hill but my Fitbit had already topped 16,000 steps and my feet were complaining. So we took the bus back to town and changed for dinner.

We had very expensive aperitifs at a bar along the Arno.

Then we had cheap apéritifs at a street-side bar where we ended up chatting to a lovely couple from Texas.

Lots of folks gave us ideas about where to eat on our final night in Florence. We opted for a place really close to our Air BNB calls Trattoria Bordini which was, well, ok. Cyn’s ravioli looked beautiful and tasted great, she said. But our waiter was not really on the ball, and my steak tasted sadly of the stockyard where the animal breathed its last breaths. On the plus side, the wine was 6 Euros for a half litre, so what’s to complain about. Then it was back to our AirBNB for sleep before we leave for Cinque Terra. The two-bedroom flat in Florence, btw, cost us $361 CAD for three nights and it was both comfortable and full of character, as well as being in a perfect location.

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