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Medieval towns inTuscany … always on a mountain … so much climbing!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Final day in Tuscany and we knew we had to see as much as we possibly could in the hours we have left in Italy. So we started out with our friend Susan for San Gimignano which is a UNESCO World heritage site because of the towers that were built in the early Middle Ages.

The road there was long and winding and we saw deer and held our breaths at many points. San Gimignano is a village on a hillside that was an important stop for pilgrims travelling to and from Rome. Fourteen of the 72 towers that were built by families who were trying to show their power and wealth still survive. So it is a pretty cool place.

It is also crowded. We had trouble finding parking and managed to get a spot in the lot down below the village. which meant walking a long way up.

We tried on dresses at one of the many tourist shops - I resisted buying, but Cyn did not. Then we found a lovely place to have lunch. Susan had rabbit while Cyn and I had saffron infused ravioli. Yum!

We we’re all confounded by the presence of a condom machine in San Gimignano’s main square. Do people just see the towers and get so aroused that condoms become necessities?

Then, after a stroll, we headed for Siena. Let Me say right now that, when I come back to Italy again, I am going to book a couple days in Siena, instead of the hour we spent there.

We parked at the bottom of the hill and climbed a very long way up, pausing to catch our breath many times. Only when we reached the rope did we see the sign for the escalator - but we never actually saw the lift itself.

The main Square is beautiful, with a Clocktower and a track there, apparently they run horse races twice a year.

We found a place that served wonderful gelato. I cannot tell you how good the lemon/orange mango was after that long climb! Then we wandered over to the Duomo. Wow… it is absolutely beautiful!

Cyn and I both agreed that Siena will get a revisit. But we had to get back to the villa because it was her brother Robert’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate.

So we stopped in at a Siena grocery store to buy a cake and some more Proseco and some things for dinner and headed back over the winding roads.

Dinner was lovely - a charcuterie plate followed by pork and a great mix of potatoes and veg made by Susan. Then much banter and an agreement that we will all meet at the same time next year in Portugal.

Off to bed to prepare for our trip home which will mean one more night in Florence.

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