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Our final day in Italy … and we enjoy it to the fullest … in Florence

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

We all got up reasonably early at the beautiful retreat in Tuscany (where the rooster crows at 5 am sharp) that had beeen rented by Robert and Marshall. After a long round of goodbyes, Cyn and I took the long way to Florence, found our AirBNB with some difficulty, dropped of our bags, got gas, dropped of the rental car, and head back into the old town of Florence by cab for one last great day.

I am gonna give Cyn credit here… we travelled nearly 1500 km over winding Italian roads and she handled the driving like a pro from start to finish.

By the time we landed in the old city of Florence it was nearly 2 in the afternoon and we were both ravenous.

So we walked through the streets and found a great outdoor cafe and Borge ordered pasta with ragu … I had papardelli with pork and Cyn had a potato pasta with a Florentine beef ragu. Washed down with white wine. We were so hungry, we did not take pictures.

After lunch, we strolled to the Uffizi Gallery so we could get one last look at Florence’s nobels. And we could not resist being children.

Then we walked to the Piazza Santa Croce where we sat and had Aperol Spritz and Negronis … and who should come sauntering by but Susan who we had just spent time with in Tuscany! So we spent a lovely couple of hours people watching on the Santa Croce square. And, for the first time since we have been in Italy, it rained!

We parted ways with Susan after a couple of glasses of wine - with promises to meet back in Canada … then Cyn and I walked to the Duomo for one last long look:

And finally we walked into a part of the city we had not been before and had a lovely pasta dinner - ravioli for me and we shared vegetables done in batter.

We got a caB back to the Airbnb, which is close to the airport. Packed our bags and set our alarms for 6 am. We have a lot of travelling to do tomorrow (Florence-Zurich-Montreal) … but this has been a fantastic vacation and we have created memories we will never forget. Thanks to all who came along our ride virtually. i hope we have inspired you to set your compass for the North of Italy.

But, whatever travel dreams are in your head, make them a reality! Life is to short to think about what might be! Ciao!

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