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San Marino! … and we get to Tuscany after a fabulous trip overland

Cyn did not sleep well (it was her turn on the worst bed (which, in Rimini was the pull out couch in the living room of the apartment hotel) ) but she got up and strolled the beach at while I showered and packed.

Then I went out for coffee - I have given up hope for a good cup (always luke warm, always too small, always little taste) - while she did the same.

Then we took off for San Marino.

The first views of the world’s smallest republic were kind of spectacular.

Let’s face it … we visited San Marino because it is a virtual passport stamp. But … we are so glad we did. San Marino started in the 4th Century as a break away refuge for a devout Christian sect and remains independent-country within a country1 to this day.

There are three towers high on the hill that were built circa 1200. Fortunately we could drive almost to the top. Then we put 10,000 steps and 30 floors on the Fitbits exploring all of the towers (I should say that we are easily averaging 18,000 steps and 12 k of walking every day of this trip).

If you look closely, you will see Cyn’s face in this picture at the top of the first tower.

She is clearer in this one.

There are a lot of what we have come to call ‘arrow throwing opportunity holes’ in all of the battlements. Which are great for seeing through. And the views n all sides of The green valleys below are breathtaking.

Cyn tried on some headgear on our way back down.

And, at her insistence, we visited the Torture Museum. There is a little bit of the Niagara Falls strip going on in San Mariano’s tourist area and the Torture Museum in kind of like a tacky wax museum with some torture scenes thrown in for r good measure.. But we were the only two people in the place and there were lots of opportunities for one-liners … like what a dinner party with these four - Franklin, Beethoven, Einstein and Rasputen -would be like - yah, I know, this is NOT Madame Tussaud’s.

Then we strolled through the village and found a pizza place with some great scenery. Pizza was ok but it was even better to sit after all that climbing.

We took off for Tuscany after lunch. Cyn had a little issue with going the wrong way around a traffic circle and had to explain herself to a San Marino gendarme. But she batted her eyes and he sent us on his way. The trip to that was supposed to take three hours took four and a half between stops for supplies and a bit of getting lost. But there were times we we driving across mountains.

And there were times we were driving through them.

All in all it was a fabulous journey. We arrived at the place in Tuscany that Cyn’s brother, Robert, has rented at about 5:30. It is a great place in true Italian country style.

We had charcuterie and a delicious pasta made by Robert’s partner, Marshall, and much great banter and wine and more banter.

And early to bed to prepare for the Brunello tour tomorrow!

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