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So here I am in Puerto Rico

Dev wanted a beach vacation ... and I was aching to travel ... so she picked Puerto Rico and I signed on as her wing person.

We arrived in Rincon, on the island's west coast, late Wednesday after eight hours of flying and four hours of driving, mostly through rush hour in San Juan. We have a great AirBNB with two large bedrooms and a beautiful outdoor sitting space on the outskirts of the town. This is the view from the deck.

One thing I will say about Rincon (and maybe Puerto Rico in general) is that it has an American car culture. Nothing is walkable and, even to get a meal, we have to drive.

So, at 8 pm on Wednesday night after a full day of travel, we drove to a beach bar called the Big Cahuna and celebrated our arrival with super thick burgers and deliciously cold beer.

On Thursday we hit the grocery store for provisions to last through our stay. I bought dark rum and Dev bought white, with mojitos in mind. We napped a bit and then went to the quaint downtown of Rincon where, on Thursday nights, the plaza nestled between two churches is turned into a fair for local artists.

First we had fried cheese and mole and margaritas at a taco joint, then we strolled some local shops.

We stopped at a small bit well-equipped wine store before heading back to the Main Street for some Proseco. Then we took in the art fair which had everything from local paintings on canvas, to woodworking, to cannabis, to jewellery. I bought nothing but there was a really joyful energy in the air.

The following day (Friday) was a bit cloudy but we headed to the nearest beach.

We read (I have a great murder mystery), and Dev baked in the sun while I hid in the shade. Then we stopped at the closest beach bar for do-it-yourself Mimosas and Mexican breakfast plates.

After a brief nap back at the Air BNB, we drove to a beach near the downtown where we had booked a sailing tour. Dev and I and 15 other passengers hopped aboard a catamaran and went for a 90 minute sunset cruise which was so peaceful.

We ended the day with a dinner of mahi mahi in coconut sauce at the restaurant closest to our AirBNB.

Today we headed down the coast to a place called Combate which has a great beach.

We snacked on calimari and ceviche, with pina coladas before heading to a relatively secluded beach on the south coast called Playa Sucia, from which I am writing this blog in my beach chair. The water is warm, the sun is hot, and we have a week left in Puerto Rico ahead of us!

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