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In Puntarenas, Costa Rica, a less than stellar trip through the country is save by a great guide

I woke Thursday to see the beaches of Puntarenas, Costa Rica fanning out on both sides of the ship. They are long stretches of dark volcanic sand framed by rain forest and the huts of trinket vendors. This was later in the day.

Puntarenas is one of the stops where the excursion was included in the ship's fare, and I was scheduled to take part in the afternoon.

So, in the morning, I wandered down the long pier into the little village where I bought a sun dress that I think will be useful for the rest of the trip.

Then I walked along the beach where locals and their families were swimming.

I took off my shoes and waded knee deep into the water and let the waves lap around my knees. Then I walked back to my shoes ... well I skipped back to my shoes because the black sand was blazing hot!

And so was the air - hot and humid - and I was glad for the cool of the ship that greeted me on my return.

After a brief lunch, I joined the excursion. If I had paid for this, I probably would have been disappointed. The itinerary was less than stellar.

They took us to a place where some kids did traditional dancing - which was absolutely the best part of the three-hour adventure.

Then we went to a very large fruit stand which was, well, a very large fruit stand ... with some candies and other snacks.

Then we were dropped for half an hour at a trinket (souvenir) shop - where, sure, I bought a trinket.

But Minor, the Costa Rican tour guide, made up for the excursion's shortcomings. He talked the whole way about his country - the politics and the history and the flora and the fauna, and his own upbringing.

I learned so much about this place I had visited previously, and may return to again in the future. I was more than satisfied with the outing. And the sunset over the pacific was glorious. (See above).

There were six of us at dinner - food is still a bit hit and miss.

Then the Windsor sisters and I went dancing with the two British undertakers and Jane, another Brit, and had a blast.

That was followed by a performance by the opera company who have yet to disappoint. The trip up the west coast continues with Guatemala on Saturday.

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Sandra Voisin
Sandra Voisin
31. Jan. 2023

You're the 3rd person I know this that visited Costa Rica this week! Place must be overrun with Canadians!

Gefällt mir
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