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Oh, the places I will go …

I am a writer who loves to travel. As a professional journalist for 40 years, I went to a lot of bad places but not a lot of nice ones. Now that I have the time and the means to see the parts of the Earth I have not seen, I am going to go as far afield as I can, as often as I can. 

I have been single since my husband died in 2014. And I am not young - I qualify for a lot of senior’s discounts. But that just means now is the time I must do this. 

Sometimes I will travel alone, and sometimes I will travel with friends. And I write this blog not to offer advice or tips, but merely as a record of my journeys - one that I can enjoy in later years when my travelling is curtailed by age. Hopefully others will enjoy coming along for the ride.

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The grand voyage begins

This blog is going to be sadly lacking in photos because my only goal today was to get on this ship. So, in that respect, mission...

I climb a mountain, Cyn climbs two

This is the day that Cyn had looked forward to most since we started planning this trip to Italy last summer. The five villages of Cinque...

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